The St. Columbanus Athletic Center (SCAC) located at 7140 S. Calumet Ave, built in 1933, is located adjacent to St. Columbanus School.  We are singularly responsible for all of the school’s athletic activities.  We are also home to basketball, track, and volleyball leagues. The Athletic Center is the athletic ministry of St. Columbanus Parish.

St. Columbanus is the Premier elementary basketball league in Chicago.  The league was started in 1977, exclusively for south side Catholic elementary teams.  In 2000, we opened our league to public schools. 38 years later, in 2015, our league includes teams from across the city and suburbs.  We are diverse in backgrounds, race, and religion, but when our teams walk into our doors, we are on one accord.

In 2002, the athletic center underwent an administrative re-structuring. We now proudly boast “the city’s largest all-inclusive elementary basketball league for Kindergarten through 8th grades, including a girls division, All-Star games and our version of the race to the final four championship series, an All-School cheer competition, for pre-school through high school, volleyball league and tournament, track meets and chess tournament. All of which are open to Catholic, public and private schools throughout the city and suburbs. These activities are also available during the summer. As well, our summer Men’s league is ranked 2nd in the city by Men’s circuit participants.

Our basketball season welcomes more than 80 teams, and 900 student athletes. The SCAC basketball season, which runs between September and March, will have nearly 35,000 families, fans and spectators alike, grace our single gym facility.  We are affectionately known as, the 'Jr. NBA'.

Since our inception, we began relationships with many of Chicago’s Black referees.  Most were new to this profession and are now certified IHSA, NCAA, NJCAA, CBA and FIBA referees.  Although this is a facility for competitions, we are known as a learning facility where it is not unusual to see our refs stop and actually explain to young athletes why they received a certain call and how to prevent it in the future. This relationship has become the standard of excellence that those who participle in our events expect.

We are truly the 'Miracle on 71st Street,' we are not a house hold name known across the land, but we are celebrated by those who appreciate what we do. We are committed to being a beacon of light in our community. We provide opportunities to any child who walks through our doors.

Games are played on a High School regulation size basketball/volleyball courts with concessions sold on site.  Bleacher and balcony seating is available, as well as parking.

Leagues Offered: 

Charter School Basketball League = 5th – 8th grade 

Elementary School Basketball League = Kindergarten – 8th grade
Elementary School Volleyball League = 5th – 8th grade
Elementary School Track Meet = 3rd – 8th grade
Elementary School Chess Tournament = Kindergarten – 8th grade

Open Elementary Basketball League (School Grade) = Church/Park District/Club Teams/AAU

Men’s Basketball League = 19 & up

Adult Volleyball League = 19 & up

All programs officiated by referrers from the IHSA, NCAA, NJCAA and FIBA.