Welcome to the St. Columbanus Athletic Center’s 2017 Summer Basketball League Registration. Coaches are required to create a FREE team Manager Account that will allow you to manage your team(s) registrations, roster(s), waivers and payments. You will be able to complete your roster(s) and sign up for multiple leagues with one account.

                            Need An Account?                                                                         Existing Account?

First time users will need to create an account which                  If you already have an account you can click below     can be used each time you register your team(s) for an              to register your team(s) into an upcoming SCAC upcoming SCAC League.                                                               League.  

Once you click the Create a Team Account or Login to Team Account link above you will be taken to the log in

 Create a Team Account

  • First time users will create one account to manage all teams
  • After you create your account you will be taken to the TEAMS page
  • Click on ADD TEAM button to add your team, once complete click the SAVE TEAM button.
  • Only begin to input your roster when you have the following information per player
    • Players Full Name
    • Players Birthdate
    • Parents Email Address
  • After entering each player hit SAVE CHANGES or hit SAVE ALL at the bottom of the Page. You can log back in to complete/adjust your roster at any time
  • Then click on the TEAMS icon from the BLUE task bar at the top of the page, choose a team from your team list, then click on WAIVERS to send each waiver request to player’s parents for completion. Repeat process for multiple teams. The Medical Treatment Authorization Waiver will need to be printed to be completed and turned in at the mandatory coaches meeting Thursday, November 17.
  • Then click Register for Tournaments, then click REGISTER NOW, then complete registration form for each team. Include any conflict you or your school may have. Then click SUBMIT button to finalize process.

 Login to a Team Account

  • If you’ve already created an account and want to register for a tournament or create another team just click Login.
  • When you click register for Tournament you will see all eligible tournament dates.

 Forgot Password or Username:

  • You can reset your password
  •  Follow on screen instructions