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The South Cook Jaguars enjoy the competition and spirituality at the St. Columbanus Athletic Center and basketball league. Coach Kelli Moore and Coach Keith Chamberlain have a safe, organized and fun program. We are very grateful for the invitation to participate. Thank you.
— Coach Somerville, S. Cook Jaguars
Watching this league unfold over the last 20 years, it has been a pleasure to witness the transformation of leadership, diversity in academic institutional participation and the development of players.

Many in this league have gone on to become high school and college students/athletes, not just in basketball but in all sports. Some have continued on as professional players abroad, other developmental leagues and even as high as the NBA. One of the many great “off court” accomplishments has been teaching the young people to become responsible community leaders.

While we have been the benefactor of many great students at our institution, it has also been a pleasure to give back to the league as well. It is our hope that this league will be here for many more years to come.

— Mr. Lawrence Blakley
 Vice President External Affairs
De La Salle Institute

My participation in the St. Columbanus Athletic Center League started in December of 2007. My original goal was just to get ‘a few extra games’ for my teams. At that time, Coach Mike Hill and I coached the 5th & 6th grade boys at Murray Language Academy and 7th & 8th grade boys at the recently closed Canter Middle School. However, to my surprise, our involvement in this league has meant so much more. Each year this basketball league has given us the opportunity to gather our student-athletes to play and compete in the most competitive elementary school league in the city of Chicago. While promoting sportsmanship, camaraderie and prayer. In addition, our participation in this league has assisted me in building Murray Boys Basketball into an elementary school powerhouse program.
— Coach Tony Alston, Murray Boys Basketball
Kelli Moore and St. Columbanus have been a tremendous asset and aid to our organization, the Youth Chess Foundation of Chicago, for five years running. Kelli unselfishly offered her time to volunteer at our tournament in February of 2010, before she even had a clear sense of what our organization is all about. From that day forward, Kelli and the St. Columbanus crew have been a crucial part of YCFC’s mission to bring free chess tournaments to any and all Chicago kids. The food sales that St. Columbanus has run at our De La Salle tournament permanently raised the bar on quantity and quality. The YCFC community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Kelli and her hard-working crew!

— Mike Cardinale, President
Youth Chess Foundation of Chicago

The St. Columbanus league is one of the best leagues around. It is very organized and family friendly. All my kids love playing here. Kudos to Coach Chamberlain and Coach Kelli for an awesome job.

— Coach Jackson
Gary Comer Middle School

Every year you help others, continue the great work in the community.
— Marlon Jackson